It's another journey to begin.

Alren Who?

Copying my brother's pose

Blogging has been a part of my life. Because of blogging, I get to practice my English skills, and hence I can express myself in my own way. Since 2005, I started to express my opinions and reactions of a certain topic by means of blogging. Now I am in high school, I will not stop this hobby. After all, it can be a part of my lifestyle.

I started using “Blogger” as my first blog site. I was in fifth grade at that time. And after quite some time, I transferred to Multiply. Right now, I use my Multiply website for picture uploads and as well as blogging. I also have some social networking sites like Facebook and Plurk. Afterwards, I created this WordPress account.

Well, how do I blog?

Well…I blog as simple as I can. After all, I’m not a Shakespeare fan and a person who is fond of the Elizabethan style of speaking (and since I’m not Shakespeare’s fan, I tend to be sleepy when we discuss Othello). I would write as simple as I can so that everyone would understand my blog entries. After all, an independent blogger writes the way he wants, and the things he wants to write about.

My interests include gadgets, amateur picture-taking, editing photographs and making title banners. As a matter of fact, I would plan to take Advertising Arts in college. If not, I would go for Multimedia Arts. I would like to make those commercials, or even participate in local network shows. And yes, I am fond of local networks. Besides from having no cable in our house, appreciating it is the only way to love local shows. After all, the colonial mentality is not dominating my mind.

I’m just a simple-minded person who is allergic to books (well…that’s figurative alright). But I try to read the interesting books that I can read myself.

Well…this is me. It’s a part of me. So blogging as well, is a part of me. Which is why blogging is a habit, a hobby, and love. I believe the functions of blogging could change me, as well as perspective towards life. So I encourage you. Go, and blog. Blog at your own will. πŸ˜€

I am Alren.

I am a student.

I am a teenager.

I am studying in HedCen.

I am not rich.

Therefore, I don’t like activities “rich people” would normally frickin’ do. XD

I like taking pictures. It’s either nature, events, and people.

I love gadgets.

I’ll go for Multimedia Arts, Film, BS Management in Info. System, Journalism, Multimedia Arts or Mass Communication in college.
As much as possible, I wanna spend my college years in Ateneo or UP.

I don’t want to study in UST because 2 cousins and my brother are studying there. Gusto ko lang maiba. Yun lang.

Mahilig din ako sa mga anime. Pero mas gusto ko yung mga anime na makaluma…yung mga pinapalabas sa ABS-CBN nung bubwit (bubwit talaga eh..) pa ako.

I like watching TV. But I set my own limitations when watching TV.

I have my OWN laptop. Pero pinaghirapan ko yon. Tatlong taon ko rin inipon yun. At least, may kasamang “EFFORT” yung laptop ko. Hindi yung tipong pabili lang :))

Hindi ako sports-oriented. Pero masaya mag-swimming πŸ˜€ Gusto kong mag-arnis sa college.

My favorite character’s Squall Leonhart. It’s because we have the same characteristic…it’s being concerned to others without them knowing it.

…what else? 😐



  • There are some blog entries that are composed of pictures from a different website. If ever this kind of post occurs, the picture reference will be mentioned unless it is already stated in the picture.
  • I do not allow the people who copy any part of all blog entries posted in here. Once you have used one of my posts as a reference, I request to please cite the link to show respect and legalization of the blog post.
  • I do not allow perjury. Copy-pasting directly a blog entry is forbidden. Just like in making research papers and thesis papers, this is one heck of a general rule.
  • Grabbing of pictures is allowed. The owner and the rights are stated in the picture.
  • The things that I mention in here, especially when it comes to gossips, facts and issues, please take note that all the things that I mention in every blog that I have is basically my opinion. As much as possible, nothing gets offended, and if ever, offended in the lightest way. I don’t want my blog site to be the source of a bad issue that can turn things worst. It’s basically my opinion.
  • For blog updates, you can add me on Multiply, Facebook, and Plurk. You can check them out in the links section at the right side of the blog site.

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  1. spend your college in ADMU πŸ˜€

    January 23, 2010 at 10:59 am

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