It's another journey to begin.

Super Stud?

Well, you might be asking why the title of my page is “Super Stud”. Well, here is how the story goes.

Super Stud 1

The first Super Stud Title. "Journey til the Everlasting Road." Used in Multiply.

The title Super Stud is first used in my Multiply site. It started with a simple title with a slogan “Super Stud: Journey til the Everlasting Road.” The slogan states that the journey of my life is impossible to be unrecorded, for I myself post blog entries about everything that I want to write about. And hence after some time, the title remained there.

The New Era

The second Super Stud, "The New Era." Used on Multiply as well.

After some months, the title was changed into “Super Stud: the New Era.” In this slogan states that change is a need in order to be successful. Everyone needs to have their own sacrifices in order for us to change. Hence, that title remained in my Multiply website.

After 4 months, I decided to create a WordPress account. With this, I can focus on blogging alone. Which is why the title “Super Stud” goes solo with blogging, and hence the title is now transferred in here. Now, it is officially called “The Super Stud.” Add the fact that the site has its own personal icon, which was made by yours truly. πŸ˜€

And what is the fun part? I get to change the header anytime I want to. Let’s use this example. If the Christmas holidays are come to a close, then I would be changing my blog site header into a Christmas header. It doesn’t include holy week alright? The months June to August are the off-peak season, for where I post a few sets of blog entries per week. I just write anytime I want, so there’s no case for that. πŸ˜€

The Super Stud Net Icon

The Icon which can be seen beside the page title.

You might wonder, where the “Super Stud” concept originate?

The Magical Reason

There was this person who gave me a pin. Yup, a simple small yellow pin. The pin is called “Super Stud.” And at the time I start to think of a title for my Multiply site, the pin was the first thing I remembered. Thanks to him, I was able to have a site title, and now I use it for my WordPress site. Thanks to that person, I was able to think of a lot of ideas regarding the words “Super Stud.” The pin was a big part, and hence it’s still with me, for I value that pin. Even if the pin may cost a peso, at least, the ideas that branched out from the pin’s concept won’t worth a peso. πŸ˜€


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