It's another journey to begin.

More than What ‘City Life’ can Give You…

It’s just fun when you try something different. Knowing by the end of it, you’ll get something in return. When you learn new things and values, all the hard work that you’ve exerted were paid. Life is not all about material stuff. Sometimes (for me, it’s ‘most of the time’)  we have to appreciate things that are not in the materialistic point of view. Just look at the surroundings and appreciate what God has given us. In other words,  let us appreciate Mother Nature. There is something more than city life.

Last 2 weeks ago, us (the graduating class) and the junior class went to a hike in Cuenca, Batangas. This mountain is said to be the ‘Beginner’s Mountain.’ Personally, I would feel embarrassed if I won’t be able to survive this “Beginner’s Mountain” that we have. Anyway…Mount Maculot is a 800-m walk with a 45-degree angle. The aim of this hike is to reach the camp site, which is located at the shoulder of the mountain.

It took us (more or less) 4 hours to go up the mountain.  I actually felt like giving up. Almost all of us were tired. But when we can see the view of the city and the lake, it felt like the energy spent for the hike paid off. Especially when I saw the Taal Lake and the buildings and the houses (and the birds and the beast…:|). I actually felt like giving up before this thing happened. At the end of the hike, I felt like having leg cramps. It was a good thing that it didn’t happen.

There was a part in which we had the option to climb the rocky mountain or not. I chose not to climb the mountain. I felt like I have to rest. And so I stayed in the area close to it. The mountain can be seen from the place where we were staying. Seeing the mountain (for me) was worth it already.

It was very windy in the mountain. We had to bring our own camp waters since there is no source of water. Clouds tend to arrive in the morning. There were huge waves of fog in the evening and in the early morning. And most of all, going down was awesome than going up. 😀

Even if there is no source of water, and even if the wind is so strong like you might get blown by it, I can say that Mount Maculot was worth the effort. I’ve gained a lot of experiences in the mountain. Apart from the experiences were values that would allow us to appreciate life more than what we have.

I can scientifically conclude that clouds, in reality, are not fluffy.



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