It's another journey to begin.

Wonders of a River

This is the start of the year 2011. In a technical point of view, this would be my first entry of the year. School made me busy, and this does not give me the time to post blog entries. I only try blogging during my leisure time. But because of the responsibilities, leisure time begins to reduce. This will be over…soon.

Every Wednesday, most of us in the class go to the river near the school. The Tungtong River is a river that is connected to the Laguna Lake. It is located somewhere in Rizal. Our school is supporting the campaign towards protecting the river by means of having clean-ups. Our class also studies the flora and fauna found in the river. We also study water and its flow rate and etc.

There are a lot of species there. Sometimes, you’ll just notice a flower of a dragonfly. The walk from school to the river would be (somehow) worthy after seeing such species.

I really don’t go to the river that much. My group administers a site that contains the data and pictures of the river. For most of the time, only one person from our group goes to the river. But this time was different. Our teacher had to let us go to the river with the group that studies the butterflies in the river. And so we did.

We’ve managed to follow them. On the way back to school, Dana (one of the group mates) and I have seen an interesting sight. I was able to take a shot, although I had to use much of the digital zoom. We just don’t want to interfere with the animal.

After seeing that, I must say everything we did was worth it. But it didn’t go to the physical point of view. It’s a different thing now. 🙂


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