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Twelve Craves on Christmas 2010

Christmas won’t be the same without a list of wants. I would suddenly realize that these wants that I’m craving for are not really universal. Ergo, I won’t die if I won’t have a chance to have one. I can recall the time where I had a report on Economics. I had to talk about the human needs and wants. Those human needs are universal, hence we need it in order to survive. Obviously, this includes food, shelter, clothing, and even education (if you want to count it in. It’s all up to you…). The reason why people can buy their wants is because of their purchasing power. If their purchasing power is very high, you can survive and have all the things you wants. You just need to consider a lot of factors, though.

I can say that people who makes wish lists wanted a higher purchasing power. This is in order for them to get their ‘wants’. After all, wants gives satisfaction to one person. Sharing a gift is another option too. :p

I’ll be twisting this year’s Christmas wishlist. Instead of a big post, I would rather make an entry with 1 or 2 things that are part of the wish list. A lot of things had happened, and this is the best option for the situation I’m facing.

We won’t go anywhere without starting, so here it is. (Since this is the 1st entry, it does not mean it’s my 1st or 12th want. It’s not in order.)

Image from IGN.

I keep on putting this product in my annual wish list. It just means that I’m not giving up on this. Even if the generations of this product goes by, I will not give up putting this unless it is granted. (Wait a second, it’s something a spoiled brat would normally say.) This 4th generation iPod Touch has improved since it’s newest upgrade. New features include Facetime,Retina display, picture or HD Video Recording, and uses the iOS4 (which is used by the iPhone 4 as well). It’s nearly an iPhone, but certainly it’s not. I’m happy to have a mobile phone. So something like this would satisfy my wants, especially when it’s the 32 GB one.


I’ll post more in the few weeks to come.


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