It's another journey to begin.

Thoughts that form a Solid Foundation

It was the time where technology and self were separated. It was the time where routines would turn into something extraordinary. It was the time where we have to say it all. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the retreat. And this is how I think of it. This 3-day activity was full of activities that had lots (and yes. Lots) of symbolisms, meanings and love. The things that we don’t normally do are done here. Think of it as an irony. You see your classmates 5 times a week and 8 hours per day. Sometimes, this gets extended due to some circumstances. Forming a more solid bond would be a good thing.

This was a good opportunity to mold the bond of the class into a solid one. I am actually thankful that our batch has a strong bond. It just shows that intelligence is not the main basis for a good batch.

Like from what I’ve mentioned, our activities would mostly include symbolisms and meanings. We had the time to dig in our souls and discover the beauty of the so-called ‘inner self.’ It’s something that each and every one should learn how to appreciate. If not, there is no sense in discovering the beauty within others. And we dug in the fears that we have and the things that we do not want to happen. And as constructive as it can be, we also gave our time to talk to the other classmates and talk of the 2 sides in our lives (I mean positive and negative stuff).

Of course, part of it was reading the palancas. I gave all of my classmates a palanca. My conscience can’t take it when I am not going to give a palanca to any one of my classmates. So I wrote a palanca to all of them. Of course, I was able to receive palancas from my classmates, friends and my relatives. Some of them were short. But I didn’t care. Just the fact of writing a palanca made me happy.

I believe this retreat has branched out our foundation more than before. We grew a stronger bond than before. It was a very enlightening experience. Well, that’s what I think. 🙂


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