It's another journey to begin.

How do you Studee?

Every time the exams are coming, students need to refresh their memory and start studying for the upcoming exams. It’s something I had to do last week. We just had our midterms (or semifinals if you want to call it) last week. And thank God it’s all over.

I have this tendency to study my notes and reviewing it in a silent way. Sometimes I feel sleepy when I review in that way. But I can conclude that that way of studying (for me) is effective. No sounds, no distractions, no anything. Just a light, a table, books and notebooks, and sometimes, a cup of juice. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t drink coffee.

Speaking of sounds, I’m not used to reviewing while listening to music. For me I find it distracting (unless you’re listening to instrumentals and classical songs). I just can’t imagine myself listening to Lady Gaga songs while reviewing Algebra. I might insert ‘Alejandro’ as an answer to one of the questions. Who knows? That thing can happen.

Whatever your way of reviewing may be, either silent or violent, it shouldn’t matter to other people. Because for you, that kind of method would be effective for you. It’s just like preparing a unique marketing strategy. The only difference is that, people make ideas from those strategies. It’s a different story alright.

I do not defy people’s ways of reviewing. Let’s not make this thing big. 🙂



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