It's another journey to begin.

Pissed by the Itch

Ugh. I’m tired of eating fast food.

Just last Thursday I was rushed to the hospital because of my severe allergy. My rashes turned big, and became red all throughout my body. It all started last Tuesday, when my palms were getting itchy. I wouldn’t think that it would get worst. The doctor recommended me to drink a medicine which was also recommended by our new school doctor. Then the doctor added a ‘steroid’ medicine, just to cure my allergy in the nick of time. Because of that, I wasn’t able to go to school then.

Of course when having allergies, you shouldn’t be exposed to chicken, seafood and the like. Having such a forbidden rule, most of the food served in the canteen during lunch time were fish and chicken. Of course, I shouldn’t give a damn eating it. Just thinking of it, I think they have this motive of killing me. Kidding. Oh. Add the fact that I tasted a slice of salmon sashimi from my classmate. It’s one factor too.

Midterms are coming. And I still can’t eat chicken. Our dinner’s usually chicken. Now, they’re cooking milkfish. Of course I can’t eat. I just said to my mom that, “I’m tired of fast food.” Well, add the fact that I don’t want to die early because of eating food extended with cardboard paper or worms. Take your pick.

I just hope Thursday would come. By that time, I can have my own feast of chicken and seafood. Care to join me?


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