It's another journey to begin.

In a Swish of Time

Time seems to run a bit faster than before. Is it because of the planet’s rotation? Is it because of the revolution of planet itself? I have this strange feeling that time runs faster. I wouldn’t believe that it’s 2 months away from December. The year is about to end. It’s the feeling where all the things that happened to you were like…happened yesterday. Well, what about you?

Time passes by every day of the week and every day of the month. ‘Time is gold.’ And we should make the most of our time, with efficiency of course. I just remembered what our adviser said to us. Always keep into your mind the question “What do you do with your NOW?” Yesterday has passed. And the future is not yet around. NOW is the only time we have. And thus, we should make use of it wisely.

From Little Prince

“I follow a terrible profession. In the old days it was reasonable. I put the lamp out in the morning, and in the evening I lighted it again. I had the rest of the day for relaxation and the rest of the night for sleep.”

“And the orders have been changed since that time?”

“The orders have not been changed,” said the lamplighter. “That is the tragedy! From year to year the planet has turned more rapidly and the orders have not been changed!”

“Then what?” asked the little prince.

“Then– the planet now makes a complete turn every minute, and I no longer have a single second for repose. Once every minute I have to light my lamp and put it out!”

“That is very funny! A day lasts only one minute, here where you live!”

“It is not funny at all!” said the lamplighter. “While we have been talking together a month has gone by.”

“A month?”

“Yes, a month. Thirty minutes. Thirty days. Good evening.”

And he lighted his lamp again.

As the little prince watched him, he felt that he loved this lamplighter who was so faithful to his orders. He remembered the sunsets which he himself had gone to seek, in other days, merely by pulling up his chair; and he wanted to help his friend.

Will the explanation of the lamplighter help to find out the reason time runs fast. Does it have to be proven by collecting data? Time is connected to science. And science can create theories related to it. When will this be answered? Will I know it NOW? 😐


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