It's another journey to begin.

Work Now, Rest Later…

I skipped school today. I wasn’t feeling well since last night. I keep on having this feeling where you’re going to vomit anytime. But the good thing is that…I’m feeling better that last night.

I was doing school things that resulted to a sickness called stress. It seems impossible for a kid to be diagnosed with over fatigue. Well, ‘everything in this world is possible’. God gave me a chance to rest for a day, despite skipping school.

Despite the ‘rest’ and ‘skipping school’ stuff, I still need to do my school work. We have this activity in a subject where we need to accomplish a certain number of note cards before the trimester ends. I just want to rest once Christmas vacation starts. So I need to accomplish them before the end of the trimester.

I was able to see my academic grades. I was happy with my grades, but I’m not satisfied. I think I need to work harder. I have to.


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