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Return or Exchange Policy

Going to school is tiring. I wouldn’t be surprised that a student looks for food that is not likely to be found in school. All those temptations that you cannot bring to school, can be eaten at the climax of going to school…which is the dismissal.

Every time I go home from school, I tend to ask my mom for money for a so-called ‘merienda’ (or afternoon snacks). A snack is what a student deserve after a hectic school day. Well, the situation is different. Yesterday, I use my money to buy snacks.

So yesterday, I hunted for food (hunted…). I saw this shawarma store where they offer this meal called ‘shawarma rice’. I was able to taste this shawarma rice before…but that was a long time ago. So I wanted to buy one.

When I got home to eat the said food, there was this odd smell that made me feel irritated (well…irritated to the point where I’m supposed to eat the food). Who wouldn’t thought that the irrtating smell came from the meal? It tasted like…the food is spoiled.

I remembered the time where our Economics teacher told us the rights of the buyer when consuming something. You should return the product if it is defective. We’re talking about food here, so anything that is supposed to be NOT in the food should be returned at all costs. It’s the life of the consumer who is at risk.

So I returned the food to the owner, telling him that the food is spoiled. He did not hesitate to give back the money I paid for it.

When I told my mother about this, she reacted badly. She said that ‘I almost died if I ate it.’ I saw the concern of my mother when this situation happened. She even asked me if she wanted to go back to the store and react. I refused. ‘Ayaw ko ng gulo.’

Whenever you see something weird on the product that you bought, do not hesitate to replace it or get your money back. Personally, I’m not mad with the vendor nor the store, just because I don’t want to be mad with them. But there won’t be any chance that I’ll be going there to buy their products. I did not mentioned the name of the shawarma store in order to show respect and courtesy to the owner.


2 responses

  1. bevcaluma

    That’s nice of you. You know whatt, every time something like this happens to me, I complain in agitation that theyre left with no choice but to replace it. :))

    October 2, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    • The good is that, the vendor was nice enough to replace it.
      He didn’t even bother looking at it. I think he knows that he’s selling rotten products to the customers.

      No wonder no one’s buying in that store. :))

      October 2, 2010 at 1:45 pm

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