It's another journey to begin.

“Retreat House”

Wow. I wasn’t able to post a single blog entry since a month. Lots of things are keeping me busy back then. Well, until now actually.

School’s never gonna be out of the list. School work, projects, exams and quizzes kept me busy. Suppose I was supposed to post a blog after our exam week, but things changed.

Our house is under renovation. Meaning our house looks like a skeleton. No wood, no cement, no anything. It’s a roofless, woodless (grammatical error intended) house. I visited our house last time I went to my classmate’s crib. I was shocked with the look of our house. Like what I’ve said, roofless and woodless. I’ll try to visit our house and take pictures of it to show you that I’m right.

Because of this, my Mom, my brother and I were staying in my cousins’ house, which is located in Bayan. My classmate, who lives in Bayan, keeps on inviting me to eat at McDonalds. After all, McDonalds is just a walk away from our cousins’ place. At first, I keep on resisting. And in the end, we ate in McDonalds. Well, we ate there just this week. The sundae and medium fries that suited my appetite. (Bitin. Plastic mo dude.)

And just this morning, I took the Ateneo College Entrance Test. It was easy and difficult to the fact that everything is under time pressure. I don’t want to explain furthermore about this.

I can’t believe I’m keeping myself a bit far away from the convenience called ‘internet’. 😐


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