It's another journey to begin.

Bus Issues

Image from Yahoo News

What’s happening?

Just this evening, the headlines of our local news are mostly about the “bus kidnapping”. The bus was filled with people from Hong Kong, our “resident” country (meaning, the ties of our country and their country our well).

A policeman was the hostage-taker of  the case. Some hostages were released. The policeman did the thing because the PNP fired him. The only way to get all the hostages is to put him back to the police.

They said the victims in the bus were all dead. Which is why the snipers started raiding. And no one was moving. So the media suspected that the victims are dead, including the hostage taker too.

The driver was released. Some victims were released too. This incident started this morning. And this case is not yet over.

Are they sure that the people inside the bus are dead? I would hope this is not true.

God, please wake us up from this nightmare.


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