It's another journey to begin.

Cookie Talk

Whew. The week is over. This last week was a tough week for me. Lots of assignments have been given to us. We also had our projects and the remaining things to do for our Science. Good thing I was able to cope with the week. Good thing I was able to work under pressure. I really had a tiring week.

It's the name of our business
Our group named our store “The Radioactive Cookie Project”

I don’t like to stick to the negative aspect of the weekly highlights. Speaking of project, we had our Economics project. It is where we sell products (primarily food) to the students during breaks. Because of that, I wasn’t able to eat snacks and lunch properly. But hey, we have our very own income! For now, I won’t be spending that money because I’m earning for a digital camera. It would be irritating though if our teacher asks our income to be donated to the school. That’s a different story though, and I don’t want to tackle this one. And by the way, we did this project for two days to see the demand of our product. Most of the students were buying Chocolate Chip Cookies to the point that the product was sold out. It’s because our cookies were based on Mrs. Fields cookie recipe. I actually asked my classmate if I can borrow that book if ever we get to purchase an oven. After that day, my Mom and I went to the grocery store to buy snacks. She asked if I want a cookie. I insist. I kinda got sick with cookies actually, especially selling them for 2 days. But eating them won’t make me sick. 😛

Our group was able to make a gross income of 3000 pesos. Reduce it from the expenses and fees, each of us received 485 pesos. And our contribution of 200 pesos each went back, so overall it’s 685 pesos. Like what I’ve mentioned in the last paragraph, I won’t be using the money. I’m gonna earn for a digital camera that’s BETTER than what I have now.

I need to finish my homework now….:)


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