It's another journey to begin.

The De-Boots

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Usually people celebrate their birthday to thank God for a wonderful year that they had. We thank to God for surpassing all the obstacles in life that ran the whole year round. And we also ask for another year of triumphs and success.

One of the important birthday people (well…usually the girls) celebrate is their legal age. Legal age refer to the very cliché numeric number 18. They celebrate the 18 years of obstacles and challenges that they had in their life. They also celebrate the day of being legal in our society. Some chains were released. Rules have gone down. You can get a gun. You can get married. But the worst thing…you can go to jail.

Speaking of debut, my cousin celebrated her 18th birthday last month. Personally it was memorable because it was the time where I shown how thankful I am to have a cousin like her. So I helped them fix for her debut, help make the invitation and make a surprise video. She was surprised with the video that I made. And that video was done after 2 months. It was all worth it. 😀

Now I had a classmate who had her debut. She actually invited me to her debut, and so I agreed. I really want to go to her debut because we only have a year to be together as classmates. So it would be good to make the best out of it. So I felt sad (the informal word, eh? It’s pissed off) that I wasn’t able to go to her debut. It’s a long story. And this is not the place to discuss this.

After this one, there would be another upcoming debut. My second cousin celebrating a debut this coming weekend. Because of the trauma (yes. I call it a trauma) that happened to me, am I supposed to go? Well, maybe I can go because my other relatives are there. I won’t be out-of-place in other words. Hmm…

When you celebrate your birthday, you get older by a year. But…so what? It’s just a number. We shouldn’t think of the age that we’re gonna be on that day. We should think that God has given us a chance to live for another year. Who knows? You might die after reading this blog. Well, my blogs are nausea-free. So there’s nothing to worry about. 😀


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