It's another journey to begin.

The End is Near…and the Start is Waiting

This is where it all started. After leaving a small school, my parents transferred me to a new school. In this school I form new memories and experiences. This is where everyone is encouraged to be a better person for a better earth. HEDCen, it is.

After all of a sudden, us followers are now leaders and role models. Before, we influence the people whose older than us. Now, we are the ones who are influenced by other students younger than us. I feel a bit sad that we will be graduating this year. But I feel happy that we are starting a new life over a new leaf.

Since it’s my last year in HEDCen, I’m going to do all that I can. I’m going to bring out the best in me. It’s my last year. And as I march through the stage, I want to show and say that I am proud to be a HEDCen student.

Image from my classmate, Rye Delfin

Yesterday, our school celebrated its 18th birthday. It’s a very special day since this is our last year celebrating with the whole school. It’s also our last year to make such birthday hats too. The event was set yesterday so that the parents and the other alumni of HEDCen can attend the event (yesterday is a holiday due to President Noynoy Aquino’s inauguration). Maybe when we go to college, we would remember that July 1 is a special day. “It’s the birthday of the school were I graduated grade school and high school.”

I We are going to savor our last year here at HEDCen. Some former graduates leave the school with hatred and anger in their heart. Well, the school can give us burden. But let’s just look at the bright side. Don’t think of the bad side. Go reminisce the good side of HEDCen. And THAT is what I want to happen when I graduate in high school.


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