It's another journey to begin.

The Heart…on Heart

Heart Evangelista as Marj Rosales

Picture from Langit sa Piling Mo Fanpage Account (Facebook)

Love Marie Ongpauco, or simply Heart Evangelista, is a famous Filipina actress and commercial model. Heart’s unique trademark is her red lips. She is often seen in commercial ads of beauty products as she resembles the beauty and a well-rounded being of a Filipina. Her beauty is as lovely as a rose.

From my description, it is easy to understand that I am a fan of Heart Evangelista. Everyone has their own fans, and they have different reasons as well. For me, I was astounded by her beauty. It was just disappointing that she gets to have roles that won’t suit her.

Right now, she is part of the show named Langit sa Piling Mo. Heart’s role is all about a lady who wants to be a cabin crew in order to find her siblings. As she goes and catch her dreams, she meets different people who are part of her past.

When I watched the trailer, I was shocked when Heart was wearing a red cabin crew attire. The attire looks beautiful as it suits her. For me, her role as Margarita/Marj Rosales is perfect for her. A cabin crew needs to have a good diction in order for the passengers to understand him/her. Well, Heart has that kind of feature. From her beauty and her way of words, Heart really DOES suit the role. I just hope for her next projects, her role would be very suitable for her. If I am a director as of this moment, I would like to produce a show that would include Heart. It would be an honor for me if that would happen.

Her beauty is “beautifully” seen in her role as Marj. Keep it up. 😀


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