It's another journey to begin.

I’m Scared of Manny Villar

Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?

Nagpasko ka na ba gitna ng kalsada?

Hindi bawal mangarap ang mahirap

Basta’t maaabot ito sa malinis na paraan…

Yeah, I admit. I keep on hearing Manny Villar’s campaign jingles. He keeps on saying that ‘when he wins, poverty won’t exsist.’ When I watch TV, there won’t be a moment that I would see his commercial. Or worst? His face.

In all of the campaign commercials of the senatorial candidates of the Nationalista party, seeing Manny Villar’s face makes the commercial complete. Well, the same goes for Noynoy. But it’s still different, since you’re sick of seeing Manny Villar on TV all the time. That’s not all. You’ll see his face on the ‘ads’ section on Facebook. You would (seldom) see his advertisement when you’re watching videos on YouTube.

Despite of the commercials and advertisements about him, there’s one thing that I can’t deny. It’s the factor that I’m scared of Villar. Well, it’s not on how he looks alright. It’s just that…don’t you think he’s spending too much for those campaign commercials?

I’m not underestimating his advertisements, and I know he’s running for a big position. Base on how I see it, his advertisements are even better than your typical telenovelas in terms of quality. It made me think that Manny Villar can produce such quality advertisements…and of course, it’s not free. Everything has a cost, and I’m sure each advertisement would cost a lot. I’m sure Villar needs to pay the costs like the payment for the advertising agency, the networks and the radio stations that produces those ads.

If Villar would be the next president of the Philippines, how would he return the money he paid for his ads? How? Here is the part where I leave this question. I would hope this question won’t remain unanswered. I would hope if he won’t be using his power to pay his money back.


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