It's another journey to begin.

As the Elections Come to a Close…

As the elections come to a close…


You’ll get to see more campaign posters, especially the local campaigning has started. You’ll get to hear campaign jingles in the tune of Jai Ho, Bad Romance, I Gotta Feeling, and other songs.


You’ll get to see more posters hanging around the subdivision. I have this feeling that there will be a MAJOR clean-up once the elections are over. To those who are campaigning, I just hope you know what do with your campaign posters after the elections.


You’ll get to see those campaign stickers anywhere and EVERYWHERE. Maybe one day, you’ll get to see a campaign sticker in a public comfort room.


I was surprised that they even put those goddamn stickers on the street signs. Yes, there’s nothing written on the street sign, but they should have stuck the sticker somewhere else.


Of course, you get to see some gov’t official aspirants to team-up.

I’m starting to get sick of seeing their faces on the campaign posters. It would be sick as well if those posters would roam around the streets after the elections. They put the posters in properly so they must dispose it properly as well. 🙂


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