It's another journey to begin.

‘Nothing Lasts Forever but Some Things Should’

Yesterday, HEdCen had their ‘commencement exercises’. It is where the grade 6 and the fourth year students get their diploma and awards. It is where they have to say goodbye to their fellow schoolmates who turned into friends. It’s sad to say goodbye to your friends who are leaving the school, especially when you had such experiences that are meant to be remembered.

I can’t believe time flies so fast. Next year, it would be our turn to graduate. I’m sure we would encounter more challenges when we enter fourth year. And I’m sure we would be saying goodbyes to our friends, just like what the fourth years did yesterday.

Yes, they left the school, but they left with them the greatest memories and experiences that they obtained at school. It’s like the whole class was part of Pinoy Big Brother. At first, they don’t know each other. While staying in the house, they learn new things from several challenges. Some left the house for a reason. But in the end, they will all leave the house and face the outside world. From that point, they have to apply the things they learned in order to survive.

Now, it would be our turn to be called SENIORS. It would be our turn to be a good role models for the younger students. We have to show the best that we can. We have to study very well for our entrance exams for our college life.

It’s our turn.


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