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I Miss Nestle Ice Cream

The title says it all. I miss Nestle Ice Cream. Yeah, I know that there’s Nestle Ice Cream. But…that’s not what I meant.

I still remember the time that I ate Nestle Ice Cream. It was creamy and flavorful at the same time. My cousins really love the cheese and ube (or purple yam) flavor. It’s so yummy that we crave for more. We also loved the ice cream in cups (I forgot the name…). Well, that was before.

Right now Nestle Ice Cream has different variants. The sorbetes, Pops, Drumstick, Pinipig and etc. Last year, I ate this Pinipig Crunch by Nestle. When I tasted it, the flavor was (sort of) different. It’s like Nestle changed the formula and the flavoring of the ice cream. It’s like they reduced the milk content. Because of that, the ice cream wasn’t creamy. It’s like eating ice cream with ice.

That’s the same reaction I had when I ate their KitKat Drumstick. It wasn’t so creamy. It was ICE-y. The flavor isn’t rich since it lacks (a bit of) milk.

Image from

Now they released the Nestle Sorbetes. And the flavor? It was fine. The Keso flavor was yummy. But it doesn’t mean it’s good. It would be better if they would add more milk so that it would turn out to be a creamy sorbetes.

But this doesn’t mean I hate Nestle Ice Cream. I just miss their original way of making creamy ice creams.


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