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Kinalakihan: Things around you when you are growing up.

I’m sure everyone has grown up with something. I’m sure there are some things that are part of your past. Well, you’ve grown up with it. You can’t easily forget them right away, especially when you keep on remembering them.

When I was a kid, I sort of watch those shows being aired every morning. I still remember the happiness that I get when school’s dismissal is at 12 noon. And when you get home, you need to take a nap in the afternoon. Honestly, I hate those siesta moments since I would rather play with my neighbors than sleep the damn afternoon out. But when we reach high school, we tend to miss those siesta moments, especially when you feel sleepy during class. The best subjects that make you sleepy? I say the subjects after recess and after lunch, especially Physics, English, Algebra and Social Studies. I feel sleepy during those subjects. Truly, I miss sleeping in the afternoon. Well, that’s part of growing up. Anyways…

I’m going to show you some things that I’ve used to seeing, watching or whatever when I was a kid. Maybe you might remember them…or not.

Ernie Baron

Got this from Photobucket.

I’m sure you know Mr. Weatherman Ka Ernie. He was once a weatherman in TV Patrol before. He also had a show called “Knowledge Power”, an educational program for kids. His name was used in an antenna, and he once appeared in Willie Revillame‘s music video called “Pito-Pito”. It was so sad that Ka Ernie passed away at age 65 last 2006. Somewhat, he’s worthy to be remembered.

Johnny Delgado

I got this from

Johnny Delgado is one of the Philippines’ finest actors. He is the husband of Laurice Guillen (If you don’t know her, here’s a trivia. Laurice Guillen directed “I Love You, Goodbye”). Johnny Delgado received lots of awards due to his professionalism when it comes to acting. I still remembered his movie “Tanging Yaman” with Ms. Gloria Romero and Edu Manzano. That’s why I was shocked when I heard the news that Delgado died. Just like Ernie Baron, he is meant to be remembered.


From Wikimedia

Bituin is a musical-drama show starring Nora Aunor, Cherie Gil, Carol Banawa and Desiree del Valle. It’s a story about 2 singers who are half-sisters. It’s a soap opera that highlights the talent of the stars, which is singing. Overall, this drama is great. At this time, only Cherie Gil and Desiree del Valle are appearing in the TV industry. Gil appeared on Katorse and will be part of Angelica Panganiban’s Rubi. While on the other hand, Desiree appeared on May Bukas Pa as Tilde, and she’s still part of Oyo Boy Sotto’s Midnight DJ (TV5). Carol Banawa had a break last 2003, while Nora Aunor is preparing for her comeback this year.

“Idol ko si Kap”

“Idol ko si Kap” is a comedy show aired on GMA Network from year 2000 until 2005. Actors include Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Leo Martinez and Anne Curtis. This show is aired every weekends, as each episode has different conflicts and stories.

…Yeah, I think this is not enough. I’ll make a part two of this. I still remember lots of things, and I think a blog entry won’t be enough. See you in the part 2 of this entry. 😀


3 responses

  1. annarexya

    I remember Ernie Baron because I used to make fun of him! Wahahaha. The only show I remember watching when I was a kid was “Once upon A Time.” Weird.

    February 18, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    • The misspelled “Wansapanataym”? :))

      February 18, 2010 at 10:38 pm

  2. Shayne

    Na miss ko yun idol ko c kap..I was 19 yr. old
    When I started to become an extra of dis
    Comedy show..before I go here in japan
    Derek leo martinez help me a lot to join
    As an extra of this movie..sen. Bong rev.
    Is very kind to me in the first day I was
    Started..The talent fee that pay to me
    Help’s me alot.. My everydays food,needs
    Thank you verymuch I dol ko c kap.sana
    My part 2..para try ko ulit umiextra..

    March 9, 2012 at 12:00 pm

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