It's another journey to begin.

From 7 to 16

Wow. I can’t believe on how time flies. I still remember that I had a birthday party when I was 7. It was quite memorable since my relatives were there. I still remember that some of my teachers (at my former school) were there as well. It was a party to be remembered.

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Well, that was when I was seven. I feel like that party happened yesterday. Well, I can’t believe that I’m already 16. So…my 7th birthday was around 9 years ago. Well, I turned 16 last February. A lot of people greeted me personally. A lot of people greeted me on Facebook as well.

Geez, I can’t believe it’s already 9 years. It’s been 9 years since Jericho Rosales and Christine Hermosa had this show called “Pangako Sa’yo”. It’s been 9 years since Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin flew into the skies as Mulawin. It’s been 9 years since Dolphy had this show called “Home Along da Riles”. It’s been 9 years since Bayani Agbayani‘s competing with Eat Bulaga with his show “MTB: Magandang Tanghali Bayan”. And now…Bayani transferred to GMA Network. It’s been 9 years since Loren Legarda and Noli de Castro keeps on reporting in their shows “Loren” and “Magandang Gabi Bayan” respectively. Now, Loren goes for Vice President. I hope De Castro would go back to journalism. 😛 I keep on mentioning ABS-CBN shows because it’s been 9 years since I watch ABS-CBN. This year, the signal for ABS-CBN in our place came back! I’m so happy since I don’t have to force myself on watching (some) sucky GMA shows. I get to watch Erich Gonzales‘s “Tanging Yaman”, with Ejay Falcon, Enchong Dee, Melissa Ricks and Matt Evans. I’m starting to like Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo’s “Habang May Buhay”.

Anyways, my mind can’t move on due to that memorable birthday party. On my previous birthdays, I didn’t celebrate my birthday anymore by throwing a party. Instead,my relatives and I would eat in their place. It’s kinda natural for me to not celebrate my birthday with my classmates and teachers. Well, that’s because my previous birthdays usually strikes on a weekend.

I didn’t receive my birthday gift yet that’s because I’m going to buy my birthday gift this weekend. I’ll just use my savings and purchase something. Then I’ll leave some of my savings to put in the bank. I plan to have an ATM card.

I can’t wait. 😛


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