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The Clown-Bee Friendship Story

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Once there was a clown who lived in a small place. He decided to have a fast food chain, and after some time the fast food chain gained a lot of money. Due to public demand, the clown has decided to open a franchise of his small fast food chain.

After more than a year, the clown’s fast food chain is popular among the people from different parts of the world. The clown frowned since only one place has no franchise of his fast food chain. We call it, the POTOS. POTOS means Pearl of the Orient Seas.

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In the said area, there is this place full of flowers that contain huge amounts of honey. A lonesome bee was living in the said place, and he  “lonesome” for he is obviously alone. What’s living in his personality is this happy and jolly attitude. Deep in his mind he said, “Sigh. If only I have a friend to talk to…” And he never continued his statement anymore… One night, the bee had a dream. He was cooking and serving dishes to other people. This gives him an idea to open a fast food chain.

Because of the bee’s determination, the fast food chain gained HUGE popularity among the citizens living in POTOS. The bee doesn’t know that the clown’s fast food chain is invading all parts of the world…except for one (which is POTOS). Until one day, a fast food chain from a foreign place posted something on their signage (or whatever you call it).

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The “darn happy bee” saw the sign on a certain web site. (Well yeah, the bee knows how to use the net. Well…he’s using the net to find someone to date to.) But then, he just ignored the sign and continued working on his fast food chain.

On the other hand, the clown reached POTOS. He goes on and start opening his fast food chain. The bee’s chain  around that time, so it was like a day-off for him. The bee was walking and saw the fast food chain owned by the clown. For the first time, the bee met the clown. The bee felt this different kind of feeling. A feeling that he would never forget. A feeling of having…a friend.

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After quite some time the bee became friends with the clown. Every time the bee is alone, he would always think of the times with the clown. The bee can’t stand a day without the clown, for he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. According to him, “it misses so much that it hurts”. He’s having a feeling that the clown is doing something else. Well…they are just friends with the same type of business, which is fast food. Will the clown leave the bee when his fast food chain opens?

The bee and the clown have different fast food chains. Because of this, they could turn into rivals. What will happen to their friendship? Will the bee stick on the honey? Will the clown stick on his disco stick? Find out soon.

**To be continued**


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