It's another journey to begin.

The Final Expo-tic Bow

As the curtain closes and as the lights turn off, we all join together and hold each others’ hands. And as we raise them, we lay our last bow.

This year is the mark of the ending with regard to the year-long Science Expo. Every year, students from first to six graders and first to third year students prepare their presentation which will last for a school year. At the mid-end of the school year, everyone will prepare their visuals and models as they report their topic in front of the judges. The seniors are not part of the said activity anymore since they have to prepare for their synthesis papers (so it’s like a Science Expo for them).

The expo has three categories, the invention and the concept. Just this year, our school introduced a new category, which is the investigative. This science expo activity was informally introduced to us when we were in sixth grade. Yup, it was kinda informal since our teacher wasn’t (a little bit) ready to explain the expo. During those days, Science Expo would be introduced in the 3rd trimester. The mechanics changed when we were in second year, and made it a year-long preparation. At least it was a bit of an advantage, but a year-long preparation would mean that the judges would have big expectations on the day of the defense. That’s where the nerve-cracking effect starts.

In 4 years of the activity, I was able to experience all the categories in the Sci-Expo. Our first Sci-Expo wasn’t a blast. I don’t even know if our expo around that time would categorize in the concept or invention category. The second Sci-Expo turned out quite successful. Although at that time, I wouldn’t believe that I was able to work with my team mates. The best of the best award was worth it around that time. The third Expo was fine. And the last one? It turned out a little…weird. But still, I think it was worth it. *I didn’t bother mentioning the topics. :P*

And as we enter fourth year, we would be experiencing something different. It might be something harder than the Sci-Expo. According to my cousin, fourth year (well…typically in our school) is the time when you prepare and creating synthesis papers for college preparation. I can say this is an advantage for us since we can apply all the things we will learn in this activity. Plus, we will be able to use it once we meet the synthesis paper-making in college.

After all the things that you have sacrificed, you can shout to the world that you are proud of what you’ve done. That’s Sci-Expo. 😀


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