It's another journey to begin.

A Breakfast Experiment: Pizza Sandwich

Had breakfast already? Are you sick from eating those hotdogs and bacon everyday? Are you tired from eating the same meal every morning? I feel the same way as you do (if ever :P). It’s a good thing when you want to try something different. A dish that you want to try. Well, I actually tried this dish and it was an experiment. Not all experiments fail, and my experiment was a success!

So I call this sandwich the Pizza Sandwich. It’s quick, simple and easy to do. I’m sure you can do it yourself. So here’s what I used:

  • Pizza sauce (I used the Italian Pizza sauce for this one)
  • Bread (of course)
  • Salami (you can cut them in pieces, like pizza :D)
  • Cheese

If you don’t want to use the Italian Pizza sauce, you can use the sweet pizza sauce variant. But if you are going to use that, it’s better to use the regular ham than the salami.

You would also need the sandwich maker for this one. So the steps are simple. You just have to put some pizza sauce on 2 slices of bread. Then you put the cheese on the 1st bread, then the salami on the other one. After that, you merge the 2 breads (It’s like a sandwich). After that, you put it in the sandwich maker and wait for 3 to 5 minutes. Then, it’s all done!

It’s a pizza in a sandwich. I’m sure you’re gonna love it. It’s quick and easy, so I’m sure you can do it too.


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