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The Halo’s Already Gone: The Musical Sound Alike Scandal

Hollywood has space for people who want to become stars. Intrigues, gossips and scandals will always be there. An artist has to pass all these kinds of accusations. It’s not easy to go up and shine among the stars in the sky, but it is very easy for your reputation to go down. I keep on asking myself, why is that?

I’m tired of those pregnant, affairs and sex scandals. It’s just sick when I hear some news regarding those scandals. But that’s not where I’m heading. This kind of scandal gave me such interest that I can write a blog about it (and I’m writing one now. :D). The scandal’s a bit old, but for me it’s worth it to tell the story.

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I’m sure everyone you know the songs like Single Ladies and If I Were A Boy. Well, I’m sure you have heard Beyonce’s Halo. It was released as a single and was part of her album I Am Sasha Fierce. The song can give you this last song syndrome (or LSS) and believe it or not, it can give you a deja vu effect when you listen to this song.

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If you are a loyal fan of American Idol, I’m sure you know her. She’s the first American Idol who sang songs like Because of You and A Moment Like This. I’m sure you have heard her song My Life Would Suck Without You. Kelly Clarkson, aside from the song MLWSWY from the album All I Ever Wanted, part of her album is the song Already Gone. When I heard this song, it reminds me of another song as if it has a twin song. Unfortunately, it was Beyonce’s Halo.

The lyrics and the vocals are way different when you compare both songs. I think the person who gave the melody in both songs was Ryan Tedder. I really don’t know him, but one thing I know is that he’s part of OneRepublic. I actually heard this kind of scandal in my classmate. It was like…a trick. Tedder tricked Beyonce and Kelly by giving the same melody over those 2 songs. But according to history, Beyonce’s album came first. But then, we can’t say that Clarkson’s song is the copycat version of Beyonce’s Halo. Both songs are actually nice, but I feel sorry for Tedder that he gave the same melody to Clarkson.

I’m not sure if this scandal was solved. It’s just that, this scandal was a bit interesting since the subject was not about the people. It’s about the people’s songs that were scandalized. It’s just surprising that there had to be a thing like this. After all, music is all about inspiring people with their songs. Even if we use the same melody in all of the songs, I’m sure there would be a time that man needs to change something in the songs. That’s where the originality enters. 🙂

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