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Talent Shows in All of a Sudden

Every time it’s afternoon, I usually take a nap. The shows on TV every afternoon aren’t noticed since a lot of people are working, studying, and of course…sleeping. I don’t know why, but those shows like Nagsimula sa Puso, Maria de Jesus, Tinik sa Dibdib and Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit give this aura that can give a nice nap. Good thing the shows before them won’t give you such drowsiness in your lunch time.

Noontime shows would make someone’s day brighter. No matter what channel are you tuning in, or what show are you watching, noontime shows will give you an hour of entertainment. But then, I notice something. Eat Bulaga has started a talent show. Their talent show called Kahit Sino Pwede (or KSP in short) gives way to talented people. One who gets the highest score would go for the jackpot round.

Hmm…but then, ABS-CBN released a talent show on the noontime slot. This talent show can be watched before Wowowee (nah, I don’t watch this). Showtime has the same rules as compared to EB’s KSP. I really haven’t watched a complete episode of Showtime, so I really have an incomplete idea anyway.

Filipinos love entertainment, as Filipinos love to entertain people. With those talent shows, we can say that Filipinos have a lot of talent. Thanks to those talent shows, you won’t be getting the feeling of drowsiness again. You’ll just feel it once those noontime shows are over, and if it’s the afternoon drama’s turn. zzZZzz 😛


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