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The Christmas Lights Addiction

Uhmm…alright. I’m sure everyone has a lot of experiences in their past Christmas days. I could feel this kind of guilt. For I can’t attend those 4 AM Simbang Gabi. This is the second year that I didn’t attend simbang gabi ever since our grandmother died. Speaking of grandmother, I do have an experience to share with you about my past Christmas memories.

Kumukuti-kutitap, Bumubusi-busilak

Ganyan ang indak ng mga bumbilya

Kikindat-kindat, Kukurap-kurap

Pinaglalaruan ang iyong mga mata

I’m sure every Filipino have heard this Christmas song. The song Kumukuti-kutitap describes on how attractive those Christmas lights are. Those charming lights that are appealing in our eyes, especially when the setting is at night. Believe it or not, I have felt this kind of feeling. But the thing is that, this kind of feeling keeps on growing.

When I was a kid, I would really adore those Christmas lights that can be seen on the streets. Every time is bashes its color, I can say the Christmas lights would really put my mind in the state of peace. Uh-huh, I really LOVE Christmas lights. Every time I see Christmas lights being sold, I always ask my grandmother to buy a set of colorful Christmas lights. Well…my Christmas before won’t be complete without purchasing a new one. I would really love those Christmas lights that are producing sounds. Once I check the Christmas lights, first thing that I would check is a small green box. A box that can turn the sounds on. A box that can change the transitions of the Christmas lights. Yup, seems like a complete package would satisfy my needs. 😛

Circular Christmas LightsI was attracted to a circular Christmas light decoration (or whatever you call it). It stays boring at the first minute, and then it blinks afterwards. I was a bit disappointed because the only thing that it can do is to blink and nothing but to blink. But then, I was able to buy another Christmas light set with the same shape, but can produce sounds. It looks a bit different, but it’s also circle. I wasn’t able to take a picture of that.

Once I got that Christmas light set, I didn’t bother buying new Christmas lights anymore. I was happy with that set and I never looked and hunted for more Christmas lights.

But then, I thank myself for not being addicted in purchasing Christmas lights. But still, I would love the scenery with the Christmas lights on. Let us remember that having no Christmas lights at home does not mean having no Christmas. It just brightens our day, and our Christmas too. I feel so happy sharing this. I would hope you can learn from this too. Christmas lights addicts, beware! 😛

Christmas Lights! :D


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