It's another journey to begin.

It’s A Different Kind of Christmas

Christmas is the time for joy. It is also the time for peace and giving. It is also the time to be with our loved ones. Truly, we can celebrate Christmas with full heart. In our place, we get to celebrate Christmas in our cousins’ place. We prepare our food for the Noche Buena. We prepare the sound system for the videoke player. And once Christmas comes, we open our gifts. We’ve been doing that for quite some time. I just love celebrating Christmas with our family.

But this year, we are going to celebrate Christmas in a different way. Instead of celebrating it with our aunties and cousins, we would celebrate it as a family…and nothing more. We plan to celebrate Christmas in Bacolod. My father is assigned in a place near Bacolod. During the previous Christmas celebrations, we celebrate it without our father. After all, he gets assigned in different places. We would be celebrating Christmas with our father in the place where he is assigned. Well…at least there’s a change in how we are going to celebrate Christmas

During the time my mom plans on purchasing some tickets, my mind was initially full of anxiety. Who knows? I’m not used to celebrating Noche Buena in a different place. Add the fact that it’s the first time that we would have Noche Buena without our Nanay. For a change, we would go to Bacolod and celebrate Christmas there.

After all, we went to Baguio last Christmas (uhmm…that was after Noche Buena…). My mom assures that Bacolod is a nice place. And hey, there’s SM! I would be purchasing my phone there instead of purchasing it here.

It’s time for a change. Change is good. But sometimes, you’ll feel this anxiety since you’re not used to it. Don’t feel bad about it. You will overcome that feeling of anxiety. Happy holidays everyone!

Happy Holidays! :)

Uhmm…it’s not actually straight to Bacolod. But I won’t be telling the full directions. :p


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