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Blasphemous Bulletins

I’m sure everyone whose using the net were able to experience this one. With social networking sites around, it is very easy for people to share information to the public and to the world. I still remember that Friendster is just about messaging, testimonials (comments rather), profiles and pictures. After quite some time, Friendster started to evolve due to the fame of their rival (Facebook), which progressed better than Friendster. To tell the truth, I don’t update my Friendster profile. Since Facebook came into the page, I abandoned Friendster and its foolishness :P. My cousin keeps on updating her Friendster profile. Maybe it’s just in the matter of interest. I find Friendster a bit boring, even if Friendster had its fresh new look. Well, Facebook is up for apps and quizzes. Maybe that is their BIG difference. The only important feature for me is the shout out. After all, I can post messages like “Add me on Facebook, Plurk, Multiply” and other add-me posts.

Now I’ve talked about Friendster, I’m sure you would know those bulletins that can be found at the right part of the page. I almost laughed with one bulletin. I actually got this from a friend (and relative). I think someone chain mailed this to her and posted it…just for bulletin’s sake.

Dahil binuksan mo ito, mamamatay ang parents mo pag di mo ito nirepost within 3 minutes.


1. Buntis ako!

2. I’m getting married.

3. Tayo na ba?

4. Nililigawan ka na nga ayaw mo pa?

5. Mahal ko sya, Angal Ka?

6. Happy Monthsary babe!

7. Flight ko na bukas

8. May Putok ako!

9. Tae! nagmuka kang tao!

10. Break na nga tayo

First of all, who in the world would believe in this kind of chain mail/bulletin? It’s quite irritating because the word parents was involved. I think the person who made this was TOTALLY bored, that s/he can threaten his/her friends…just for boredom’s sake.

So what am I pointing at? Just be careful on what you’re posting. You should know if the people needs to know that certain information. But generally, you should know if you MUST post it. It is part of the Core Rules of Netiquette. Rule 4 states that we should respect other people’s time and bandwidth. With this kind of bulletin, I’m sure it can waste time reading it. After all, it’s not an important message.


2 responses

  1. Corny-corny. (Mai)

    IKR! They’re so annoying. I threatened nga my friends that if they send me those, I`ll ignore them foreverrr. :))

    December 7, 2009 at 8:33 pm

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