It's another journey to begin.

The Higantes Invasion

I really love our country. Our country is filled with traditions with cultural backgrounds. Since we live in Antipolo, we get to celebrate the Higantes festival (Higantes, in english, giants). I was lucky that I am staying in my cousins’ (yup…more than 1 cousin :P) house. My mother is in Bacolod and I stayed in my cousins’ house since I would be left in our house.

We were lucky that the higantes performed in front of our compound. The higantes were named after Filipino love teams who are popular in the showbiz industry.

The higantes perfomed in less than a minute. Once they are done performing, they would transfer into a different place to perform. 😀

My uncle gave money to the person organizing the higantes performance. I think you can call it as abuloy.

This festivity happens every last week of November to 2nd week of December (in our place, it’s til the 8th of December, in commemoration of the Immaculate Conception.) So we can say it’s something we can wait during the Yuletide season.

I can’t wait to see them perform once again. Hope they would perform it in the song of Nobody. 😀


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