It's another journey to begin.

Noynoy’s Official!

We’ve seen him. He was on top of the newspaper headlines. His candidacy was asked, and waited for his answer. We’ve heard his announcements, and it seems to be final. And right now, he does it all. He goes and takes a step towards the official candidate for presidency. It’s no other than Mr. Noynoy Aquino.

Noynoy Aquino’s candidacy is being processed in COMELEC today. Noynoy and his running mate (Mar Roxas) filed for a Certificate of Candidacy (or CoC). Their family, friends and supporters are there as they would wait for the big announcement. Everyone is waiting for the confirmation of Noynoy’s official candidacy.

According to some surveys, there is a big chance for Noynoy to win in the upcoming 2010 Elections. After all, Noynoy has no reports regarding corruption and being a bad influence. With him being the top in the surveys, there is a big chance for our him to lead the country. If the people can change, then why not the nation? I’m sure Noynoy Aquino can do it.

A lot of people are expecting from him. I’m sure he won’t fail the people who expects a lot from him. Even if I can’t vote, I support the advocacy of Noynoy Aquino. Let’s drink to that! 🙂


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