It's another journey to begin.

The Knowledge Upon Learning

I wasn’t able to blog due to the things that I have to do. We had our second trimestral exam this week. Before the exams, I used my time studying and reviewing my previous lectures in my subjects. I was able to relax a bit due to my exemptions in Filipino and Environmental Science. Physics was bloody…and it will never change. The irony is that, our 2nd trim exam in Physics is way easier than the first trimester. Well, I have to admit that. But Physics will never run out of blood.

I think you’re getting crazy and you’re seeing the word PHYSICS in my blog entry. Yup, it’s Physics. When I was grade three, our science was divided into 5. I’m in third year high school as of this moment. And our science was divided into 4, instead of 5. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Science are branched out. Different fields of science are there, and so as different theories, chemical formulas and different anatomy. These subjects are supposed to be taken in College. Our school is giving us some preparations for our college days. Even the grade one students are studying different fields of science (but they have different science subjects). It may bleed your nose, or destroy your head. But in the end, you’ll see that it’s all worth it.

Why am I saying this?

You might wonder why I am explaining this. Well, there was this conversation that wiggled my mind.

Like what I’ve said, it was our exams week. I was able to go home since our private service driver was there. While we were on the road, my driver asked me why our dismissal was early. And yes, I explained everything to him. I said that we have 9 academic subjects, thus having 9 trimestral exams. He was shocked that we have a lot of subjects. I explained to him that we are studying different branches of science. After I have said that, he had this opinion. (Note: He explained it to me in Filipino. I’ll just summarize it in English.)

Why should you study all of the branches of science? Do you need to study Physics in order to get a job in a bank? You won’t need that. How about in the cashier? You just need to study accounting and mathematics. Best of all, you have a calculator. Are you going to use all of the things that you have learned in your future job and career?

I was a bit bothered with this statement. Our driver is saying that we shouldn’t be suffered for as they don’t need to suffer themselves as well. After all, it can make our life easier. Well, our school’s focus is on the holistic side. Holistic refers to having the overall personality. You have all of the abilities and the skills. Yes, we are not perfect but we can show the best of our personality. A lot of things can happen in the future. At least, we’ll be having the assurance of having a bright future.

I’m not contradicting the statement of our service driver. I can agree with him anyway. But for learning’s sake, we can assure the good quality of our future if we become holistic. And that is what our school is about. 😀


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