It's another journey to begin.

Christmas is Near…

The holidays are coming. I am so excited for Christmas. For we get to meet with the whole gang once again. I would really wish that our family would be complete. My father is there, and so our aunt and cousin in Australia, our Tito who is in Qatar, and most of all, our beloved Nanay.

This is our first time to celebrate the festive holiday without our Nanay. Every December, we get to visit the church mass every night (which is known as simbang gabi.). After simbang gabi, we buy puto-bungbong and bibingka and wait for the sun to rise. Every 8th of December, we celebrate the day of the Immaculate Conception. Usually our teacher visit our house (in my cousins’ house) and celebrate with us. We also get to decorate our big Christmas tree, filled with Christmas decorations. Every time I stare at the Christmas tree, it would remind me of how colorful and wonderful Christmas is.

It would be a sad Christmas for us. But then, we still have a reason to smile. I’m sure Lord is guiding them in the right direction. I’m sure they would be safe, for the Lord is beside them as well.

Speaking of holidays, part of my blogging culture is to create a Christmas wish list. It may seem childish, but the fun would be there. In my blogging years on Multiply, I was able to post 2 Christmas wish lists. You can check the first post here and the second one here. They were called The 12 Craves on Christmas. And guess what? The third issue of the 12 Craves will be posted here.

So watch out for that post. Watch out for the “Holiday Header” of my blog site. With this, my blog site can have the feeling of Christmas.

You can get some inspiration from this one. And right now, I’m telling this to all of you. Happy Holidays! đŸ˜€


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