It's another journey to begin.

A Reason to Smile

Because of the tragedies that passed in our country, there won’t be a time for us to smile. Hence, it is hard to move on because we weren’t able to save a thing. We can get those material things right away with hard work and determination. But getting one’s life back? It’s hard to get it back.

Because of Ondoy, Pepeng, Ramil and Santi’s attack, I’m sure there are people whose properties were washed away. But the worst thing of all, their loved one’s lives were washed away. Despite of the tragedy, there is one reason to smile.

Christmas is a day for children. And for those children who were affected by the typhoon, they would have no idea on how to celebrate Christmas (like what I’ve said, due to the tragedies). Christmas happens once a year, so we get to celebrate it in the best way that we could. But how about the families who were affected and whose starting to move on? How are they going to celebrate Christmas?

Christmas celebration doesn’t need to be luxurious. A simple noche buena would be a big thing already. But Christmas is not about the gifts. It’s all about the love and care for the family, and the moment where Jesus is born.

A lot of us were facing our destiny. Who cares if a million typhoons will make their landfall in our country? For as long as we hold hands and cooperate with each other, we can surpass all of the obstacles destiny has for us.

“Kaya natin ito.”


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