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Conserving the Water Conserves the Nature’s Beauty

Our body is mostly composed of water. The ground is surrounded by the ocean water. Basically, we can say there is a big amount of water in this world. Look at it in a different way, and you will contradict my previous sentence.

First of all, water is used for drinking, taking a bath, washing the car, watering the plants, and a lot more than that. Once we used up that amount of water, it means we cannot use them anymore. After all, its waste water. We can say that water is everywhere. The presence of water everywhere does not mean we can use it. Who knows? It might be dirty. Of course, we cannot consume that water. After all, we need a fresh clean amount of water.

This one is very ironic when it comes to geographical features, but there will be a time that we won’t be able to consume a fresh and clean water. The water in the ocean can’t be used. So because of this, we might end up dying due to drought. So while things are early, we should start conserving water.

Yes, there is such a thing. We need to conserve water. We should not waste it. There may come a time that we won’t be consuming water anymore. After all, everything has a limitation.

Something that is abundant does not necessarily mean it doesn’t have any limitations. After all, we don’t own the earth. We don’t own the air either. So before it’s too late, we should start conserving water.

Talking about conserving water,  I have this SITE that promotes the campaign to conserving water.

Every drop COUNTS. So if you think that leaving the faucet open is fine, think again. For you are wasting too much water.

Not convinced? Visit the link that I’ve embedded. Here are some instructions regarding the site’s interface.

Click on Advocacy to see the information regarding water conservation and more things.

If you want to comment, you can click Share Us in the main menu.

This is part of our Environmental Science project. After all, we could educate the users online. So like what I’ve said, you’re not convinced? Visit that site. Because every drop counts.


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