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The New Windows 7 Wonders…

Such big changes were seen in the Windows Vista. A lot of people were amazed with the new features like the Windows Aero, Flip3D, and a better “Start” menu. Microsoft was able to prove that Vista can stand among the living technology. But to others, it wasn’t enough. There are some bugs and compatibility issues when Vista came into the borders. Yup, a lot of things were changed. Just this October, Microsoft released their new operating system, called “Windows 7”. A lot of features were enhanced to the user’s satisfaction. We were thrilled with its teaser – it’s just like watching a trailer of a movie (let’s say…New Moon…). Some of the Vista “looks” was retained, but a lot of enhancements and improvements were made.

Image Courtesy: Softpedia

Windows 7 still retains the “Windows Aero”, which became a trademark for Microsoft. A lot of changes in the desktop were made. A lot of changes include the taskbar, “Gadgets” (formerly called Windows Sidebar for Vista users), Windows Action Center, and added items in the Control Panel bar.

I was amazed when I’ve seen computer stores selling Windows 7. It is available in Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate version. Honestly, I never tried using Windows 7. Buying an original OS would sure be a worthy thing to purchase. After all, Windows 7 is better than Vista. I just never had a chance to purchase one. I would hope…:D


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