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Lack of Inspiration = Lack of Independence

In our Internet Education class last week, our class had a “talk” with Mrs. Connie Veneracion, or simply Tita Connie. Tita Connie has a wide experience when it comes to blogging. She started blogging since 2003, and currently blogging in her House on a Hill (which can be found on my Friends list on the right).

I remembered the term she used. It was independent blogging. If you are an independent blogger, you can write anything you want. You can write your opinions and feeling about anything you want. With the independent blogging, you get to write at your own will, and at the same time…writing things without a boss around. It’s just you, your notebook and your mind. It’s how free an independent blogger could have.

I was able to remember this because of one thing. Riana and I were assigned to make an article in our club (which is called Yggdrasil…). The subject had to be related to “jealousy”. And because of this, we can relate Shakespeare’s Othello with this article.

Well, as we all know, the most wonderful villain Shakespeare has done is in the story of Othello. Iago, the great villain can manipulate all of the characters in the play. With his mind trickery and reverse psychology, he can set up anything in order to get what he wants. Plain villain, I can say. But at the way he sets something? It is truly unbelievable. I’m sure writers of this generation are inspired with Shakespeare’s masterpieces.

Well…let’s get back to the story. It’s jealousy. Well, our club moderator suggests putting it in our blog site and giving the link to him. Well…he can check the blog entry anytime and could go for proofreading. Well, I understand that. But I just remembered Tita Connie’s concept of independent blogging. So what is bothering me?

A lot of things are bothering my mind when it comes to this one. I was able to create the article, but it didn’t pass my standards. You heard it right. To me, it was a hideous article. Currently it’s in my “drafts” folder, and I have no plans on publishing it online. So in this case, I would delete the hideous article. After all, Riana’s blog entry was WAY BETTER than mine. I can’t believe she can make that article. I can’t get any inspiration when it comes to writing about jealousy. Therefore I didn’t resume the plan on publishing it online. But that’s not all.

My site is a free blog site. I would mean it as a blog site full of independent blog posts. Blog posts that are mine, and truly written with love and inspiration. Yup, it can get as cheesy as that. But even if I reach the very cheesy level, I would still want my blog site to be an independent blog site. I won’t be posting something which was assigned by someone. Well, I could work with that. I cannot work when I don’t have any inspiration for it. I blog when something inspires me. ย Since it’s all about jealousy, I can relate to that. But it’s not enough for me to write a very long article for that. I don’t know. I’ll just make up for it. I’ll just help Riana in her blog entry.

Now that I’ve said it all, I can feel that I exerted a lot of pressure expressing my thoughts on independent blogging. Thanks to Tita Connie, I’ve got the power to broaden my thoughts…especially when it comes to blogging it. ๐Ÿ™‚


2 responses

  1. awww… dude you can write a whole lot better than me ๐Ÿ™‚ But yeah sure, if you don’t want to write the article, I guess that’s fine. I had the hardest time writing it :))

    November 13, 2009 at 8:15 am

    • Ohh….
      Gee, I’m so sorry. I just can’t find any inspiration for writing this one. Geez…I’ll make up for it ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      November 13, 2009 at 5:19 pm

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