It's another journey to begin.

Bataan Moments

Patricia and I had a strong friendship when we were in Bataan. We were able to strengthen our friendship towards one another. Because of this, we became buddies…until now. 🙂 Because of Bataan, we had good moments during the patrolling. We were group mates in the committee (which is the Kitchen, if I still remember). Due to the committee, we were able to bond with each other. It just reminds me of the Bataan memories. I still keep this blog entry in my Multiply account. In this version I added more information. Some names are mentioned. They are my classmates and schoolmates.


Image Courtesy: Sir Sam

Though this is our last trip for the High School life, things turned out to be so unexpected. We are with the freshmen, section Yitamben. There were around 10 teachers and above who came to the trip.

Just like last year, the main idea of the trip is the night patrol. The conservation center aims for anti-extinction of the sea turtles in order for the future generations to see those animals. From the killers of the sea turtle, they once turned into turtle savers. They have learned their lesson. Sea turtles are very dangerous as it nears the extinction line.

My station was exactly the same spot where I was last year! It was Station 2. Differences are the faculty people and the members. Last year was Teacher Jo, and my members were Justin, Anjo, JM, Nikki Sadie, and me! So for me, I had new members patrolling with the same station as before. I’m with Patricia Cadaing, Fatima Cuervo, Joshua Pacunayen, Marsha Nackaerts and me. Oh yeah…I forgot Cathy Choi. Our faculty members are Sir Rudolph and  Sir Sam.

When we were in the station, our group had hard and good laughs that no turtle can approach us (Well…turtles are sensitive. So, they hate noise). Sir Sam doesn’t act like a teacher as well :D, and there are things that happened to him that me and Patricia would never forget! Fatima keeps on asking for ghost stories. Joshua keeps on singing visayan songs. Sir Sam keeps on demanding for fried chicken. 🙂 And yeah, I still remember those “wave” and “big crab” moments as well.

Our second day is  vacant. I slept for 3 hours, woke up at 4 AM, took a bath and then so. Our bonfire game kinda hurts at the start, and the second game was brutal. I didn’t knew what exactly happened. Too bad there wasn’t any patrolling due to the cloudy-like weather. It’s a bad thing that we didn’t get to eat Doritos at the time. 😦

The immersion was full of mixed reactions. It was fun, it was sleepy and most of all. It’s memorable :>. It’s because of the good bonding moments with Patricia and Sir Sam. 🙂

I just remembered Bataan. Life is a cycle, and the Bataan moments are over. Well…it’s the first year’s turn to experience it.
Bataan is a very memorable immersion. I will never forget the times that we had those good laughs. After all, the 1st time we went there was quite boring. But because of the second immersion, we were able to experience it again…with a better twist. Our school (HEdCen) is giving us some experiences like no other. It’s not like an ordinary field trip, or any camping activity. Best of all, it’s an immersion. We get to cope with the environment.
Patricia and I are still friends. We just don’t meet too much due to our busy schedules. But as much as possible, I would like to hang out with her. After all, that’s what friends are for. I just hope we can be together in Bataan once again. But I’m sure we will be having a different immersion trip. I just wish that they would enjoy their immersion, and let my buddy remember the good times once she approaches Bataan.

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