It's another journey to begin.

The All Saints Spirit

Every 1st of November, we Filipinos commemorate the day for the souls (well, yeah. But it’s “All Saints’ Day.”). With this, we show our respect towards the people we love who are in heaven. After the times that we bond with them, I’m sure we get to miss them, especially when they’re gone for a long time. Which is why we visit them every 1st of November to remember the things that happened with them. Aside from that, we were able to try those traditional things when it’s All Saint’s Day.

We brought some flowers for our loved ones. Both flowers are our Nanay’s favorites. We brought the anthorium flowers, which are usually seen every All Saints’ Day. She was able to plant some anthoriums before, but then it died. The other one is the beautiful star gazer. I still remember the flower I took a picture in Baguio. It was a star gazer which was color pink. Well, I can say that it’s one of Nanay‘s favorites since they are all beautiful.

Of  course, the day would be incomplete if the Tuazones (came from the word, Tuazon, which is our middle name. It refers to us cousins) are not around. Of course, Ate Blessing, Kuya Japs, Kuya Aeron and the gang are here. The only missing ones are my cousin and auntie in Australia.

I’ve mentioned the traditional things awhile ago. Well, the pet stores that sells quails, ducklings, chicks, and even hermit crabs are up for grabs. I gave Javi a peso. He would guess the number in the paper (which can be seen if it’s only soaked in water.). It’s a thing called bunutan. And hey. They got the number right. So what’s the reward?

It’s a chick! It’s a colored….chick! A blue-green chick that is as colorful as Twitter. But unfortunately, Mr. Twitter here was eaten by the cats in our compound.

We were able to buy some quails as well. A three-peso worth of quails has colors as well. Because of this, we remembered the time when we buy quails and ducklings when we were kids. Just like Mr. Twitter, they were all eaten by the cats as well.

Blessing and I had a promise. When it’s All Saints’ Day, we are supposed to do an activity. So…it’s a coffee activity. We went to Seisha and grab some frappes. Gee, a lot of people were there as well. At least, it had be a bit of a salvation.

Well, we know it’s not the coffee, the quails, the ducklings, or even the bunutans. Undas is an activity that reminds us of our loved ones in afterlife. The most important thing of all is that we remember our loved ones, even if they are not with us anymore. I’m sure they are all watching and guarding us. We know that they are in our sides, even if we can’t see them. That is the purpose of the solemn day. 🙂

If you want to see more of the pictures, check it out right here. If you are not my contacts, try adding me and you can see my pictures.


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