It's another journey to begin.

The Struggling Flower

Before the typhoon Santi made its landfall, my Mom and I was struck on a hanging pot which contains a yellow bell flower. It was so beautiful that I really want to take a picture of it. But since it was night, I don’t think I would be getting a good picture of the flower. And so I waited for a night.

After the surprise wind and rain fall of Santi during midnight, I would expect the flower will be separated from its stems. But I was wrong. I am so happy that it survived. After the loud roar of the wind, I wouldn’t be expecting the flower would survive. So because of this, I was able to get some pictures of the flower. Check them out below.

flower1The flower managed to survive the strong winds of Santi last midnight.

flower2Its beauty still remains despite of the tragedy.

flower3The water droplets still remain in the beautiful Yellow Bell flower.

Even if it’s just a simple flower, to me, it was something that relieved and calmed my mind.


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