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The Nightmare that was NOT a Dream

Everyone prepared to sleep last night. Everyone knew that the typhoon Santi will mark its landfall and pass the Metro Manila. In other words, the province of Rizal will be affected as well. In all of the other typhoons that passed the country, this one would be something unbelievable. Yes, I wasn’t affected by the typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng and Ramil, but Santi gave me a huge impact last night.

I was sleeping at that time. The blow of the winds is so scary. I can feel that a huge tornado is going to pass me while I’m in a deep slumber. It was very scary. I don’t want to open my eyes, for I don’t want to see the reality.

Like what I said, the blow of the winds is scary. The sound is scary enough that it can wash through the house. Until then, I heard something. It was a big bang that was heard, in which I thought it was the roof of our house. It’s so scary that I would be the next one to be hit by the big bang. Well, it did not happen.

I woke up at 9 AM. My mother was talking to our helper. The parol (Christmas lantern) that we have is broken. Because of the strong wind, the parol fell from the wall. And since our parol is located at the dog’s lair (yeah…it’s a lair. It’s not a cage, because it doesn’t look like a cage anymore. So let’s just say it’s a lair, where she can do all the things she wants.), our dog (named Althea) played with the parol. And so, the parol was broken. We were supposed to repair the parol but repairing the whole thing would cost a brand new parol, so we’ll just buy a new one instead.

A lot of things happened. At first, I thought it was a dream. But it wasn’t. It SOUNDED like a dream, but everything was true. It was scary. It’s strange. See? Fact is stranger than fiction. All of the magic things are explained in fiction, but the questions unanswered in real life is still a mystery.

I just hope this thing won’t happen again. I don’t like the strong winds, weird nights, and…brown outs. 😀


One response

  1. yeah, i woke up at around 5 am cause of it. It was so scary.

    October 31, 2009 at 6:02 pm

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