It's another journey to begin.

Hard to Reclaim It…

At first it was a shock for me. I was trying to see if my 1st blog site is gone. At first, it was a “Sorry, blog can’t be found” post. But I believe something was wrong with the URL, so I have to change 1 character, and hence…the blog site is still there.

A snapshot of my 1st blog. It's not really was 2006.

THIS old blog site of mine contains stupid blog entries which contains a paragraph for each entry. My vocabulary skills were not good at that time, and hence I have to use Filipino and turns out my blog entries turn into a taglish style of writing.

I admit. That blog entry suck. And because of that, I want to reclaim that blog and delete it. But by the time Google bought Blogger, I cannot reclaim the site anymore. I tried to sign up for a GMail account, and now I’m stuck with that. Hence the URL breakingfree2007 just don’t make sense at all. And the Castle Oblivion? It’s somehow from the game called “Kingdom Hearts”.

If only I could reclaim it with a swipe of my hand, I would do it at this moment. But the website is still stuck. Stuck in the middle of a dark, scary forest.


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