It's another journey to begin.

The Big Decision

Christmas is very near. I’m sure kids are starting to list their wish list for Santa to grant. The employees are starting to earn some budget for the next noche buena. The others who got affected by the typhoon are starting to adjust in order to reach the Christmas fever. And as a student, we get to wait for our Christmas programs and the countdown before Christmas…as well as the Christmas break. I’m sure everyone is earning for something so that they can buy anything they want for Christmas. Just like everyone else, I can’t wait to finish my earnings and buy what I want this coming festivity. So surely the effort is there to earn and earn and earn.

But what if you are in a conflict? A conflict that can disturb your mind a lot? How would you solve that conflict? A conflict that is even bigger than the formula F=qvBsinθ or even the Q=mcΔT kind of problem. Well, the good things that…I have dealt with it.

I was in a problem wherein what gadget am I supposed to purchase this Christmas? My saving increased last week. Now, I am so eager to keep on saving, and yet I don’t have any final decision on what to purchase.


Olympus FE-310 Camera

Well…first of all I already have a digital camera. I know that it is not a necessity for me to buy a new digital camera. After all, I tend to use my camera. The only problem that makes it very annoying is the freaky rechargeable batteries. I just bought the set last year and the quality of the batteries are not a top-notch quality. When the charging is done, I simply put the batteries in the battery slot. Problem is, the screen goes “Battery Low”. I believe it’s the battery’s fault…and not the camera so might as well deal with it. Let’s not go further with this alright?


Compaq Presario CQ40-340TU

So since I have a digital camera, I also have a notebook. With my laptop, I can do things that I want without any limit from someone. Instead, I could limit myself through self-discipline. And because of it, I can blog anything and anytime I want to. I can place my pictures in here. I could save my PowerPoint presentations, as well as homeworks saved as a Word document. My notebook had its own journey when the defect was detected after 2 months of purchasing it. Well, it turned out that the models of the same notebooks have a certain defect in the LCD screen. So I have to wait for a month and turns out that it reunited with the same owner. 😀

A cellphone, eh? Turns out I don’t have one. I’m not the person who is into the field of text addiction and GM (group message) quotes. Well, a cellphone could be a necessity. I actually realized this at the time the typhoon came into the country. I have no means of communication with my loved ones since the telephone lines were cut out at that time. The only thing that we can use is the cellphone and…nothing else. We only rely on the television and radiowhen it comes to the typhoon updates. After all, I will be in college two years from now. I’m sure it would be a necessity for me.

So what’s the big decision? I will spend my savings for a cellular phone. And what kind of phone will I purchase if ever? Well…the answer is simple. I would go for Nokia 5530 XpressMusic.

Nokia 5530

Image courtesy: LetsGoMobile.Org

It may be not as wise as the 5800, the iPhone 3GS, Blackberry phones or HTC Touches, but I’m sure it can give the needs that I can cope with. The WLAN connection is one big factor. The camera is also a plus, so that everywhere I go, and there is something interesting to take a picture with, I can snap a picture right away. I won’t need any GPS or 3G functionality, so this cool phone is a thumbs up for me.

Now, it’s on the time. Time will tell if I can purchase with what I want. Besides, Christmas is near. 😀


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