It's another journey to begin.

Get into the Crave…the Red Mango Way.

When was the time that you craved for something? I’m sure everyone passed that kind of problem. With all the craving in your mind, we can’t wait to excite our taste buds to a dish like no other. A dish that is very memorable, hence it signals you to go back to that place and dine in. If it’s desserts that we are craving for, it’s something that entices our sweet craves with these. I’m sure everyone has eaten ice cream. The yummy, cold, creamy feeling when it melts into your mouth. It gives you that warm, satisfying feeling that wanting you for more. Indeed, you would come back for it, especially if it’s very memorable.

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Red Mango is a famous ice cream parlor in other countries, and having 2 branches in the Philippines (located at Eastwood Mall and SM Megamall). They highlight their famous ice cream signature. And you know the ice cream signature that they have? Instead of the sweet taste that you witness, it’s the yogurt-y taste that enhances that love for ice cream. Top it off with your favorite toppings and enjoy the yummy dessert for every spoonful you eat. It is something that you can eat…especially without the guilt. It’s yogurt, hence making it a not-so ordinary ice cream. It’s a selection of your favorite toppings…in one cup. Either you can go for mango caramel (thanks Angel for this :D) or blueberry w/ grahams…it’s all on YOU.

Knowing from a friend the SHOCKING truth, my mind just buzzed me:

What the hell? After the moments that I go to Megamall…I would suddenly know RIGHT NOW that there is a “Red Mango” branch located at Megamall?! After all those times visiting Healthy Options, Bowling Center, Yoshinoya and Cyberzone, I would not notice that there is a branch right there?! After all the cravings that I had…I would know that we can buy a cup in a mall near that Eastwood. OH MY! I regret those times. Oh, Megamall…look not so fierce on me!

Oh, if only there is a thing called SEMESTRAL BREAK, I will go to that place, with all my heart, and remove those luscious cravings.  If only I have searched more, if only I could discover the mall’s corners more, I would eventually find it.

But no. It’s not the time to regret those days. It’s the time to start a countdown. It’s something you can use to know how many days before weekend starts. And if it’s weekend, and if you are vacant, you would go to Megamall and buy a cup of Red Mango. Geez…it’s Halloween. Well, there’s always a thing called “next time”. After all…Christmas is near.

So let’s just put the cravings aside, and wait for the moment. The moment where you can buy and spend the precious time of your life with the precious serving of Red Mango

*Take note: Just like drinking beer, let us put ourselves into moderation. Anything that is excess is bad. It’s just like saying too much Physics is bad. So…keep things in moderate.*


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