It's another journey to begin.

A Dose of Sleepy Sundays

After a hard, challenging and a random week of things, it’s better for us to relax for a while. With those homeworks, seatworks, online projects, quizzes and the upcoming lectures around, I’m sure everyone would deserve a break. Which is why there is a term called weekends.

We can spend our weekends with our closest friends, peers, and relatives…without worrying the things we need to do at school or office. Getting stressed the whole week is enough. And since it’s enough, we shouldn’t be killing ourselves with our planning such activities to come (like remembering your school projects and studying for a quiz). Activities like shopping, going to the spa, dining to a fancy restaurant and going to the church are just examples of activities we do on weekends. Most of the time, we tend to do it on Saturdays. So…what about Sundays then?

Now, what are the things that we can do on a Sunday? Going to the mall? Grocery? Visiting the church? Well…I’m sure some people would visit the church every Sunday morning (well, we tend to go to the church every Saturday…). But what happens when you’re bored and you don’t know what to do? Every time you open the television, you tend to see those boring concert TVs that lasts for 3 hours. And when the show’s done, the Showbiz news are up for grabs. For some people like me who don’t have any interest with those shows, what do we do? If not surfing the net and plurking around? Then we just take a nap!

Good thing he can sleep every weekdays...unlike us. T_T

A siesta will remove your boredom. Dream and reach for the stars, and you would suddenly wake up and see that the sky is dark. It’s one heck of a moment that you can’t do on weekdays (and suddenly you want to take a nap during weekdays…). It’s a dose of sleepy Sundays that makes half our weekend boring (well…it’s for me…).


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