It's another journey to begin.

The New Transferee

Blogging is like an everyday journal. With blogging, I get to practice my English skills. I may not be an expert when it comes to creative writing, but hey. I have something to show. 🙂 I started this blogging trend since 2004. I wasn’t a good blogger at that time. If that blog site still exists, I would laugh out in my stupid things that I posted. But past is past, so I have to move on.

Speaking of “moving on”, I have decided to transfer in a different blog site. I am a loyal Multiply user for three years…and it’s still counting. I post my blog entries and upload my photo albums in the same site. I posted more than 200 blog entries in Multiply. And when I got my digital camera, I started uploading my photos at the same website as well. I can upload and post anything I want.

But when I visited some blog sites, it came out in my mind that I should make my own blog site.  A blog site which is really meant for BLOGGING, and nothing else. And so, WordPress went out of the box. I registered an account and customized my title banner. And so I have decided that I would post all of my blogs on WordPress. But what’s the catch? I won’t be leaving or removing my Multiply site. I would still be uploading picture there.

And now, the dilemma is solved. I can still continue my blogging habit. The habit starts here…right away. 😀


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